Villa Şoimul
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Vila ȘOIMUL (FALCON Villa) situated in the Baile Tusnad health-resort, which is situated in the central-eastern part of Romania, in Harghita County. This vacation spot is located at an elevation of 656m above main sea level, along the the Olt River, in the southern reaches of the Ciuc Depression. The Villa is located in a remarkable  natural setting, along the left bank of the Olt River, at the foot of the Piatra Soimilo Natural Protected Area. The natural landscape completes the lavish portrayal of the area. Due to the existence of various endemic plants and glacial relicts (for example, the carnivorous plant named the   round-leaved sundew, Ligularia sibirica, or the dwarf birch), 11 (eleven) venues have been declared as Natural Protected Areas (Piatra Șoimilor, Tinovul Mohoș, Lacul Sfânta Ana, Băile Nadaș, Mlaștina Valea de Mijloc, Grădina Mestecăniș, Câmpul Beneș, Câmpul Cemo, Băile Ozunca, Tinovul Buffogo, Peștera Puturosu). These are situated in close proximity to the Baile Tusnad health-resort. In addition, this area represents an abundant source of mineral and thermal waters (springs rich in bicarbonates, carbonates, chlorates, sodium magnesium, iron oxides and calcium). Other natural attractions are to be found at an altitude of only 500m above main sea level, among which we mention the mofette (containing natural carbon dioxide emanations), as well as The Ciucas Lake and the Tusnad Wellness Centre (a treatement  facility, within a relaxation environment).

Vila ȘOIMUL recieved the Eco-Romania certification for good practices in the ecotourism and supports as a partner the development of the Băile Tușnad and surroundings ecotourism destination.

Ecotourism is a form of tourism in which the main motivation of the tourists is the observation and appreciation of nature, as well as the traditional cultures prevailing in natural areas. This form of tourism implies the following strict conditions: conservation and preservation of nature, local human resources management, respect for nature, minimum negative impact on the natural and socio-cultural environment. The principles of ecotourism referred to are implemented under the label of the Ecotourism Certification System „Eco-Romania”, developed and created by the
Asociația de Ecoturism din România.